Sequential UK Hosted VoIP Business Phone Services

UK Hosted VoIP business phone provides a cost effective, high performance, flexible, and scalable business phone service. We also offer UK Business SIM’s to complement this product.

You can use your own SIP device as we support many brands of phones to lower the cost. Our base package comes with 5,000 UK Minutes per user to landline and mobiles. If you have 90 users you will get 450,000 mins per month to use across all lines as a whole, also includes many features free of charge including disaster recovery, all for just £10 per month per user, using the current handsets you have or £12.99 with a Polycom HD device. Users can call each other for free outside of these minutes and any other company on-net will also have free calls.

The system also comes with mobiles and desktop app free of charge. So if you are overseas, you can connect to WIFI and make a call as if you are in the UK, the other side will see your UK number. You can also receive calls as if you are at your desk.

Included free of charge

– Voicemail with voicemail to email delivery – Auto attendant (unlimited)
– Shared call appearance (up to 30 devices, have the same number in the office then at home)
– Busy Lamp Fields
– Advanced hunt groups
– Anywhere Disaster Recovery
– Hot-desking
– Call waiting
– Call Forwarding
– Do Not Disturb
– Hide Number
– Music on hold
– UC Business (Instant Messaging, Presence and Video for mobile)
– Auto Attendant
– Call Director
– Remote Office
– Outgoing Call (Wi-Fi or Carrier)
– Simultaneous Ring Personal
– Call Centre Agent Login (only available on the Desktop client)
– UC business – IM&P and Video
– CTI – Go Integrator Lite (click to call)
– Keep your current number or we can provide any UK 01 number
– One number anywhere using the mobile, PC and Mac apps
– Reliable and secure service balanced over two data centres
– 24/7 UK-based support

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You will receive a quote today from Emma or Rick our Solutions Consultants, we are a friendly IT provider and we provide solutions that are fit for purpose and no hard upsell! “More & more businesses are switching over to our services, as we offer a host of money saving & streamlining solutions. Our Hosted VOIP Business phone solutions are very competitively priced, increasing online productivity and almost eliminating downtime.

Unlike other IT companies, we pride ourselves on offering outstanding service, which is why we try to meet all of our clients face to face.”

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    Traditional KSU and PBX phone systems can be expensive, outdated and high maintenance. UK Hosted VoIP business phone from Sequential UK removes the need for office based hardware. Hosted VoIP routes your calls over the internet, saving you money on hardware, maintenance and call charges.

    Sequential UK Hosted VoIP business phone provides business features enjoyed by Fortune 500 companies. Our Hosted VoIP systems offer fully fledged, cutting edge telephony, with easy to use, broad featured software. We deliver all the functionality you need, including an auto attendant, corporate directory music-on-hold, conference bridge, mobile and CRM integration, and business-class voicemail.

    Sequential Hosted VoIP business phone service utilises the power of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to massively reduce call and equipment costs. Our phone services are provided via your internet connection, and the cloud. If you are just looking for a SIP Trunk then please click here

    Our customers typically save up to 90% off the on-boarding costs of traditional premise based PBX systems, and up to 95% off monthly phone bills.

    Sequential Hosted VOIP Bundles

    The package comes with a Premium licence usually chargeable with other providers and  features including Auto Attendant, busy lamp fields, Office UC (Instant Messaging, Presence and video), Go Integrator, shared call appearance (up to 30 devices), voicemail, call forwarding, redial, DND, call pickup, hunt groups, hot-desking, call waiting and music on hold.


    Polycom VVX 301 handset
    Premium Broadsoft licence
    5,000 standard UK mobile and landline calls
    36-month contract


    Polycom VVX 411 handset
    Premium Broadsoft licence
    5,000 standard UK mobile and landline calls
    36-month contract


    Polycom VVX 601 handset
    Premium Broadsoft licence
    5,000 standard UK mobile and landline calls
    36-month contract

    Bolt-Ons and Benefits

    Companies can add bolt-ons to their system, usually on a per month and per extension basis. SMEs of any size can tailor their system to meet the exact needs of their business with features previously only affordable by large enterprises.

    Bolt-Ons (Click to Expand)

    • UC Team (Screen collaboration and conference bridge)
    • Call recording
    • Receptionist console
    • Go Integrator (CRM Connect) – integrates with common CRM packages
    • New numbers
    • Number porting
    • Call reporting and real-time statistics

    Benefits (Click to Expand)

    • Perfect for any size of business, and number of employees
    • Excellent for home, and flexible working
    • Future proof, with new features frequently, and immediately
    • Work smarter, and keep costs low with fixed and mobile integration
    • Keep life simple with one telephony supplier for your every need
    • Multi-site deployment and integration
    • Reliable, flexible and scalable
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Support 24/7 via our helpdesk
    • Your own dedicated Project Leader for on-boarding, integration and support


    Hosted VoIP works just like you do

    Sequential UK Hosted VoIP works your way. Choose a headset, and microphone, with your computer/s, and go completely hands-free. Do you need multiple users, or call centre functionality? Hosted VoIP is for you. Like to have a phone on your desk/s? Sequential UK have a range of feature rich IP phones, which deliver our hosted VoIP services at a touch. If you move offices, there is no need to move bulky telephone system equipment.  Just un-plug your IP phone, move, and re-install at your new location. You can also add, and remove users, and telephones, simply, as and when you need to.

    Need to be completely mobile? Or mobile with a fluid connection to your office? Use the Sequential UK Hosted VoIP App, connected to your call plan and ID, on any Android, or Apple device, or smartphone. Advanced Call Forwarding allows calls to be routed to alternative numbers until they are answered, or our Business-Class Voicemail will step in.

    Complete mobility, flexibility and scalability

    Connect multiple locations, remote workers, and whilst out in the field. Operate a “virtual office”, and use Conference Bridge, every employee is just an extension away, just the same as if they were in the office next door. Divert, without dropping calls, to mobile or device, giving your customers perfect customer service. Sequential Hosted VoIP can be used on multiple devices.

    Local telephone numbers

    With Hosted VoIP from Sequential UK you can create Virtual Phone Numbers with any area code. Provide your customers with “local” telephone numbers to them. This allows your customers to make low cost “local calls” to your business. Need a Free Phone Number? That’s no problem either.

    Sequential UK Hosted VoIP service includes

    Unlimited local and long distance calling, with selected Sequential UK plans

    Auto attendant with dial-by-name, extension directory and company directory

    Hunt groups and Hot Desking

    Conference Bridge and Video Conferencing

    On hold music or messages

    Efficient call queuing for volume call handlers

    Extension dialling

    Retain your existing business, free phone, and fax numbers

    Voice and fax to email

    Direct telephone number

    Business-class voicemail

    Advanced call forwarding

    Low international calling rates


    Easy call forwarding, transferring and call waiting

    3-way conferencing

    Caller ID/caller name display

    Hosted VoIP online dashboard for total access and management

    Call logging

    Do Not Disturb (DND)

    Integration with key CRM’s and apps including SalesForce, Outlook, ACT! and NetSuite

    Advanced mobile applications

    VPLS UK Layer 2 network

    Can I have a Sequential UK Hosted VoIP Solution in my business?

    Yes! Hosted VoIP is perfect for you as an entrepreneur, small business, large multi-site operation or high-volume call centre. Sequential UK Hosted Contact Centre VoIP is capable of serving hundreds of employees, or small, frequently mobile teams who need high-tech, reliable telephony. Our feature rich service is suitable for all.

    Switching to hosted VoIP does not require a huge capital investment. There are no maintenance and equipment costs, like there are with PBX and KSU. Our UK hosted VoIP solution is completely cloud-based, and accessible from anywhere via a web-based portal. We provide a proven service, which is jargon free, and easy to integrate to an existing premise, or install in a brand-new operation.

    Immediately benefit from a cheaper, and more flexible phone service. With Sequential UK, you can improve your organisation’s productivity, customer service, and reputation, while reducing your costs substantially.