Discover the Advantages of Singapore Colocation

Sequential Networks Singapore Colocation Service offers you the opportunity to place your systems in the same data centre as SGX mission-critical trading and market data engines. The Singapore Colocation site is designed specifically to meet the rigorous demands of global financial institutions. Singapore Colocation provides access to SGX market data and trade execution systems at unparalleled speed.

State of the Art Singapore Colocation

Housed in one of Singapore’s most advanced data centres. The Singapore Colocation site via Sequential Networks offers truly state-of-the-art facilities. Singapore Colocation offers access to SGX trading platforms and provides hosting services in a secure, reliable and robust environment.

All our chosen data centres offer the best in power, connectivity, security, fire protection and disaster proofing. Our goal is to keep our clients in the UK, and across the globe, online and profitable.

Your own IT department, without the cost

Colocation is a perfect hosting option for any business which aspires to the control of an IT department, and the best connectivity speeds on the market. But, that doesn’t want the cost of recruiting and managing their own IT team. With Sequential Networks Singapore Colocation you use our rack space and our top speed bandwidth as your own.

Singapore Colocation plans from 1U of rack space.

We have plans from the very smallest at 1U of rack space, through to customisable cages, cabinets or your own private suite. Our solutions are all completely scalable and managed end-to-end.

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Value Propositions

Adhere to the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) Technology Risk Management (TRM) guidelines on hosting recommendations by hosting in the same Data Centre as SGX. A Singapore colocation site that has been assessed and audited by the MAS.

The Sequential Networks Singapore Colocation site is classified as a Systemically Important Financial Institution (SIFI) by the MAS. It is also the only SIFI organization in Singapore offering reliable and resilient hosting services to financial institutions.

The Singapore Colocation data centre is a purpose-built data centre dedicated to the financial community to host their mission critical infrastructure.

Singapore Colocation Include

Experience the fastest access to SGX trading and market data engines.

Interconnect within a dedicated financial ecosystem for access to multiple trading venues, carriers and service providers.

Highest bandwidth and capacity for seamless transfer of data from SGX trading and market data engines.

Provides robust, fault-tolerant site infrastructure to support the high-availability of your mission-critical trading systems.

Safeguard your company’s assets in a highly secure environment with state of the art physical access control and environmental monitoring subsystems.

Multiple tiers of services within the data centre to cater to diverse hosting requirements of all financial institutions.

Singapore Colocation Benefits

Singapore Colocation Benefits

Achieving Unparalleled Speed of Access

With Singapore Colocation, your trading systems will be situated in the same data centre as SGX trading and market data engines, bringing you close to our core Securities and Derivatives matching facility.

State-of-the-art Facilities

Singapore Colocation clients hardware will be hosted within a highly secure data centre that provides a robust, fault tolerant site infrastructure with generator backup, cooling and fire detection/suppression.


The Data Centre is aligned with the industry’s best practices and has undergone the Threat Vulnerability Risk Assessment (TVRA) to ensure that the facility and its perimeter is resilient and physically secured from internal and external threats.

24 x 7 Monitoring

The Network Operations Center provides 24-hour monitoring of all infrastructure subsystems including power supply, environmental factors such as temperature and humidity, generator status and network connectivity.

Power Supply

The facility is configured on a diverse active distribution electrical system where each power supply is further backed up and protected by a modern Dynamic Uninterruptible Power Supply (DUPS) system. In extremely rare cases of a utility outage, standby diesel generators will automatically take over from the DUPS systems to supply all necessary power to the facility, ensuring operational continuity for subscribers’ mission-critical applications.


The facility boasts precision-controlled air conditioning systems with redundant capacity for continuous cooling of your mission-critical servers. The environment is virtually dust-free with temperature, humidity, and air-quality regulation. This is critical in maintaining optimal performance of your enterprise server equipment. In addition, the facility is also equipped with both fire detection and gas flooding fire suppression systems to safeguard your company’s assets against accidental fire.


The facility is Telco, vendor and carrier neutral, giving clients the flexibility to engage their choice of service providers. Cross-connections to multiple telecommunication providers, financial institutions and international exchanges are also available. Strategically located close to major carrier Points of Presence (POPs) and worldwide undersea cable landings, we are positioned for low-latency inter-continental inbound and outbound network traffic.

Features of Colocation Service

To cater to your needs, we offer three different packages. In addition to hosting your equipment in a reliable and secure environment, Tier-1 will enjoy the fastest possible access to our trading and market data engines. Tier-2 will experience significantly lower latency compared to non-Colocation subscribers. Tier-3 will be more cost-effective and conveniently host your non-SGX trading and market data related systems in the same data centre.