Business internet via the largest wholesale carriers and Sequential Networks

Sequential Networks partner with one of the largest wholesale only carrier networks in the UK to offer business internet and fibre internet services. We lever a state-of-the art fibre internet infrastructure, covering 180 towns and cities nationwide. The network has 270 fibre ethernet exchanges, and an additional 495 delivering fibre to the cabinet. All across their own resilient dark fibre core.

High capacity, low latency fibre internet services

Sequential Networks offer you business internet services that are high capacity and low latency. A fibre internet network capable of providing ethernet services from 10Mb up to 10Gb.

By using an award-winning network, and interconnecting with the UK’s leading Tier 1 fibre internet carriers, we provide business internet solutions across the largest UK network footprint. Sequential networks provide high speed, resilient internet services, regardless of location.

Embracing automation to reduce business internet delivery times, and increase customisation

We partner with the first UK carrier to fully embrace automation through Software Defined Networking. By placing automation at the heart of our business we are removing much of the complexity and overheads of running our network. We have introduced templates and standardisation to our builds. Meaning we can reduce delivery times and give you the access to perform many of the configuration changes you frequently request.

We also extend this reach beyond the UK to over 130 countries through key international partners.

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Sequential Connectivity Overview

VPLS UK Layer 2 network

Our Connectivity Portfolio

Fibre Ethernet

EFM - Ethernet In the First Mile


EOFTTC - Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet

Broadband FTTC

Market leading connectivity products

Fibre Ethernet

Available across the UK, Sequential Networks Fibre Ethernet offers a dedicated and symmetrical bandwidth service delivered on uncontended fibre access.  Speeds are from 10Mb up to 10Gb. Our service is backed up by our industry leading SLA’s. Sequential Networks ethernet bandwidth can be increased quickly and easily in line with your growing business needs.

EFM - Ethernet In the First Mile

EFM is ideal for customers looking for an alternative solution to Fibre Ethernet or ADSL. It’s ideal for customers who need an uncontended service and symmetrical bandwidth. The EFM service is delivered at speeds of up to 30Mb.

EFM is delivered over bonded copper pairs to your premises. It’s a highly cost-effective and resilient alternative to fibre -based ethernet solutions. EFM has a shorter lead time than Fibre Ethernet. EFM is ideal if you need a quick installation or if you have problems with fibre access to your premises.


Sequential Networks ADSL solution is business -grade. We provide download speeds of up to 24Mb with quick and efficient implementation. ADSL is most commonly used as a backup service.

EoFTIC - Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet

EoFTTC is provided over a single copper pair from your business premises over the short distance to the green cabinets in the street. Unlike standard broadband where the copper then continues all the way to the exchange. Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet traffic travels across a shared fibre optic circuit to the exchange. As a result, the extra distance doesn’t lead to ongoing degradation of performance. This gives access to an uncontended, symmetrical, service of up to 20Mb with fixed service SLA’s. Coverage can be limited, and can be more limited than Broadband FTTC. The cabinets need to be enabled and the exchanges must also be in ethernet mode in the supplier’s network.

Broadband FTTC

Offering download speeds of up to 80Mb, and uploads of up to 20Mb. Sequential Networks broadband FTTC is the next step up from ADSL. By using the same underlying technology of Fibre to the Cabinet (MC) it is offered as reduced cost alterative by being a contended service. It can be impacted at peak times and by other internet users in the area. Broadband FTTC is able to support a single Virtual service, such as Internet or SIP.

For the application of multiple services, you will need an EoFTTC service or better. As with EoFTTC, coverage can be limited. although it is more widely available than Broadband FTTC.


ethernet table

Resilience is no longer a luxury, it an absolute necessity

How long could your business survive without access to its key systems? The rapid uptake of cloud services puts an even heavier reliance on your office connection to the outside world. your route to the internet is no longer just about communication, but often now also access to the critical systems and data upon which your business relies in order to function.

This reliance means that resilience is no longer a luxury for businesss, so we offer a range of  resilience  options to find the best fit solution for your customers business.


Sequential Networks Providing a Whole Readymade Ecosystem

3 Circles

Your business is increasingly looking for complete solutions, not just components parts. That is why our partners have put their network at the heart of the IT and Telecoms.

With our own Cloud and Backup solutions, as well as privately peering with the leading players in our market, to provide our clients with complete and secure, on net, SIP, UC and Cloud propositions.