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Sequential Networks is a well-trusted company that deals with a range of IT issues and solutions. We specialise in providing unique solutions for cloud hosting servers, colocation, and managed services, among other products. With our creative approach to your business needs, you’ll be pressed to find a more dedicated company whose support is right at your fingertips.

Since 2012, our IT experts have been assisting companies and individuals across numerous cities. With our IT consultancy London and Manchester services (we have a new base in  Lymm enabling us to get to you the same day when needed – 0161 413 4486 ), we are able to cover a large portion of England to help with many of the technology issues that businesses face in our modern world. We can work closely with your current IT systems and team to help you with a number of things including:

  • Hardware Support
  • IT support, remote and onsite
  • Fixed price IT Contracts
  • Network and WIFI issues
  • Cloud Solutions Privately hosted by is in Manchester and London locations
  • Network and electrical cabling
  • New and refurbished IT equipment with full warranty
  • New office setup and fit-out
  • Server room maintenance
  • Instant internet solutions both temporary and permanent & fixed internet solutions
  • Office 365 solutions and support
  • IT projects
  • Website development and SEO
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Data leak prevention
  • Firewall management
  • GDPR compliance
  • …. And more!

It’s our duty to help upkeep your IT security to protect the data you have on your servers. GDPR compliance will protect you and your company from any lawsuits that can happen if the personal data of your clients is accidently misused. By being fully compliant with the regulations, we can help you reduce and eradicate the risk of data leaks and data loss.

Our IT consultancy London and Manchester teams are fully trained experts in their field. We can collaborate with your internal IT team to help you exceed the expectations of your own clients and customers, ensuring that the products and services your systems offer them are top of the range and undeniably efficient.

We can provide comprehensive IT services at competitive prices; offering you the best deals around to give you a professional edge on your IT functions. With our expertise and experience, we guarantee that you can make use of a number of the services we can offer your company.

Our team has experience in offering IT consultancy services for project management, complex IT projects, cloud storage solutions, communication solutions, and a whole plethora of other services that we can provide at the drop of a hat. Any of our agents can comfortably say they don’t finish a job until they are 100% happy with the service they provide to our clients, meaning that we’re looking out for you in the long-term. Every aspect covered with a unfailing solution to reduce the risk of any issues that may occur in your company’s IT future.

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We pride ourselves on our reliable customer service, with a team that can help your business with disaster recovery solutions with our fully managed systems and services. We know that each company and business have their own business objectives, which is why we offer remote support from any of our professional IT consultant agents. We believe in business continuity, which means our support services are one of a kind.

Our IT consultancy London and Manchester teams can help you secure your IT systems through the introduction to various safety precautions and procedures that will help you remain GDPR compliant. Data leakage is a real and dangerous issue that every company faces, but with our help, together, we can build up a secure wall in your system’s defences to help prevent these leaks.

Sequential Networks is home to some of the most industry-leading IT solutions around. Our IT consultants are here to help make your life easier, and help you run a smoother, more effective IT system during your business hours. We continuously train our teams to stay up-to-date with all and any new solutions that can be implemented into our services, and our knowledge of ever-changing technology requirements is unparalleled.

You can quickly and easily enquire about our IT consultancy London and Manchester services through several means on our website, including by calling or emailing us, as well as making use of our live chat. If you’d like, you can also come and tour our facilities. Don’t wait, request a callback today.