London Leased Line – Sequential Has London Covered – And Now Most Cities and Towns!

The Most Competitive Fixed Leased Line pricing with over HALF A MILLION On-Net Premises.

Current Offer:  Many On-Net can get 1GB/1GB only £149 PM, with free 4G loan router to get you online NOW shipped next day.

Self-healing managed FTTC HSRP failover using the same IP’s available for only £65pm* Check for availability.

Eligible for free installation. We will guide you through the process, you could get up to £2,500 discounted towards the connection by us on a 36-month term.

Need an urgent connection? No problem! We can ship you a free 4G router to get you online instantly once an order is placed.  You can keep this for failover once live or simply return it to us.**

*Subject to Availability on 36-month term

**Subject to router deposit, if the router is kept for failover a monthly charge would be due.

A London Leased Line from Sequential Networks

Sequential Networks London leased line solution provides you with your own high capacity, low latency network which is connected to leading UC, SIP and Cloud solutions. Working with Sequential you can have your own Leased Line and completely unify, high-speed fibre internet, trustworthy, communications for your business, now also available in most UK Cities and towns.

Your own Internet Leased Line Package

We access UK wide state-of-the-art infrastructure, a resilient dark fibre network, to give your business the very best internet connectivity and communications performance.  With our ethernet technology, your London Leased Line gives your business significant cost reductions. Choose your own configurations, MPLS and Internet Access options through one supplier. Access EFM, EoFTTC, Broadband FTTC and ADSL, choose the option which works best for you, with Sequential Networks.

10GB London Leased Lines and All Major Cities

Global IP traffic is forecast to increase threefold over the next 5 years. 1GB download speeds are no longer enough for many businesses. If you work with or transmit, large volumes of data, graphics or video, have many employees or seasonal peaks, you will need a 10GB fibre leased line to stay competitive.

A Unified Business Ecosystem

Sequential Networks cover your complete IT and Telecommunications requirements, from an Internet Leased Line, UC, SIP, Cloud and VoIP to your choice of Ethernet technology. Your complete technology infrastructure can be unified with one, reliable, cutting-edge provider.

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    London Leased Line

    London Leased Line
    London Leased Line

    Fixed UK City Network Coverage

    Professional Servies

    Larger than average phone dependency, bandwidth hungry, demand for content management. Downloading/uploading large graphics files. You need VoIP and voice services. You need guaranteed, faster repair and install. Your data needs maximum security and availability. A data circuit which is high use for website traffic and multi-site use. You have a growth in broadband usage.

    Finance & Insurance

    Bandwidth and latency hungry. You require file sharing, voice and PBX services. You need guaranteed and faster repair. Data Security, latency, resilience and constant availability. Requirements for VoIP and SIP voice technologies. Dedicated links for internet or fibre. You need plans with increased resilience and security, low latency, not just for HFT, and separate points of entry and exchanges.

    Business Services

    Your business is bandwidth and latency hungry. You download/upload large graphics files and need file and document sharing. Voice, data and data circuits. You have expected growth in voice usage and planned use of the Cloud.

    Public Sector

    You desire efficiencies and network integration to reduce costs. You have demand for Big Data projects. Your applications and managed networks need to deliver document management, remote teaching and citizen web portals


    Your business is latency hungry, needs automated field-force management and integrated supply chain management communications. You need reliable, fast, and secure, data and communications services.


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