IT Procurement

At Sequential Networks we pride ourselves on delivering IT Procurement Services to all Businesses,  helping to drive efficiency and cost savings.

Sequential Networks offer a complete suite of business IT solutions to meet your unique IT procurement needs. One single supplier for all your IT hardware and software, ensuring that your IT procurement process is streamlined and straight-forward.

Whether you are a recent start-up or a well-established business looking for IT support, our collaborative and flexible approach ensures that your IT procurement supports your business objectives, positioning you as a powerful contender in the digital universe.

IT Procurement for Hardware & Software

Sequential networks provide IT procurement of hardware and software including;

Our Services:

  • Quotes within 1-4 hours
  • Partnerships with market leading technology providers
  • Competitive pricing
  • Next day delivery
  • Full project management of installation and setup
  • In depth consultation of IT architecture, digital strategy and IT procurement needs
  • After-sales support service
  • Cost benefit analysis and special bids included free of charge

We also run a supplier approval process and carry out stringent, regular audits of supplier performance to ensure our own commitment to customer service is maintained.

To discuss your IT Procurement needs with one of our team, please get in touch.

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IT Procurement – Hardware

Bring Your Own Device – It’s an incontrovertible fact that people have fairly strong preferences when it comes to their devices. You can allow your employees to work on the devices that suit them best by utilizing a virtual desktop infrastructure that allows your corporate data and applications to be accessed securely on a variety of platforms.

Not only does Bring Your Own Device have the potential to increase employee productivity, it reduces your IT costs.

However, there are certain operational complexities and security risks that have to be contended with. At Sequential Networks, we have a variety of Bring Your Own Device solutions that can help you to take advantage of the benefits of Bring Your Own Device, while reducing the attendant risks.

Collaboration between the office and the remote employees can be significantly improved when you have a solution that’s customised to your business needs.

Act Now

It’s a simple fact – your people are already bringing their own devices to work. In fact, over 95% of them do. There’s no stopping it, and you can actually make it work in your favour.

We’ll help you get your policies and infrastructure in place so that your employees can bring and use their own devices at work safely and securely.

The Benefits

Bring Your Own Device works for your entire organisation:
Executives/owners see an increase in productivity on the part of their employees, and customer care improves. HR can attract and then retain the best people in part by allowing them to choose the tools they prefer to work with.
IT regains control over your network and security. Finance saves money because devices no longer need to be purchased and maintained. Employees are less frustrated because they can work on their device of choice, and use it for both business and personal use.

Network Connectivity

As IT departments continue to face challenges regarding maintaining security while still empowering the end user, integrating personal devices into the company becomes a consideration that every company is finding it necessary to deal with. The current generation of devices consists of highly reliable tools, and businesses would do well to leverage them.

We partner with leading security vendors to ensure that the integrity and security of your data is maintained when it’s being delivered to Bring Your Own Device. You can be sure that your data is secure regardless of device or platform.

We Can Help

In cooperation with our partners, we can offer complete Bring Your Own Device service, including:


MDM (mobile device management).

Access to applications.


 In today’s workplace, users no longer have to access data by means of desktop computers or laptops – there are numerous solutions that can fulfil the needs of any business and any individual. You can work and have your information delivered from large, high-powered workstations, or from pocket-sized smartphones. It depends entirely on your End User Computing Hardware requirements.

The devices you use will be determined by the individual users, and their positions in your business. You can enjoy multi-product, per user deployment because we partner with leading innovators in the industry to guarantee the best solution for your business from a wide selection of End User Computing Hardware vendors.

We offer a range of End User Computing Hardware:

Workstations for when high-powered, at-desk computing is necessary.

Desktops for when at-desk computing is minimal.

Laptops for mobile executives who may need to work at remote locations.

Tablets for information consumption, as opposed to development.

Smartphones for quick access to email and other minor functions.

Thin clients for VDI solution deployment and computing at the server end.

We partner with the world’s top providers of these solutions.

We also provide services that are required in enterprise environments, including remote access audits to determine what is needed for BYOD deployment, and asset tagging.

Sequential Networks identify IT departments servers are challenged by increasing demands for virtualisation-driven computer power and high-performance applications. The challenge is to provide scalable server platforms that are able to respond quickly to changes in business. Sequential Networks has solutions ranging from standalone to blade architectures that are adaptable to your individual needs.

Servers / Rack and Power

The cornerstone of any IT infrastructure is its server. Virtualisation has resulted in servers needing more processing power and memory, reduced footprints, and simplified management. Our account managers can advise you on the technology involved, and we can create servers that are fully configured before they’re deployed. We also offer rack and power planning, performance testing, power consumption analysis, and servers IO acceleration products.


With advances in technology and reductions in cost, server solutions have become increasingly accessible to virtually any business. Solutions are available across the continuum, from small application blades to huge, cloud-based server farms.

Today, businesses find it necessary to store staggering amounts of Data Storage. Additionally, you need to be able to manage and protect it, and your workforce has to have access to the data. This can be a challenge, but at Sequential Networks, we can devise the right data storage solution for you in order to shrink backup windows, reduce costs, and be certain of being able to retrieve your stored information whenever you need it.

Primary Storage

It can be hard to control rapidly growing data. Often, businesses find that it’s an expensive, complex procedure, and they need to identify ways of maximising Data Storage efficiency without adding layers of complexity, disrupting business, or incurring more costs.
We offer storage portfolios that deliver performance, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness, regardless of scale – entry level, Tier 1 Data Storage across branch office, data centres for block, object and file workloads, and for solid state media and HDD.


Traditional technology stacks are usually comprised of multiple vendors or “best of breed” solutions for specific projects. This creates vendor sprawl and operational difficulties. Converged infrastructure consolidates computing, networking, Data Storage, management and virtualisation into a single platform. This means that businesses can reduce their need for IT personnel and their dependence on various vendors. It also means that operations run more smoothly.

We can advise you on the best converged infrastructure solution for your business. Our solutions are fully customised to suit your specific needs, whatever the size of your operation.

We are in the midst of a digital revolution unlike anything experienced by previous generations, with technology expanding exponentially Networking Security are critical subjects. This means that the demand and the need for access to online services is greater than it’s ever been. In fact, it’s estimated that by the year 2020, there will be approximately 4 billion people online, and about 31 billion devices in use.

Along with the increased demand for online access comes a need for secure, unified Networking Security. Currently, broadband offers 24/7 access, but the security challenges are huge.

Intrusion prevention and detection systems, and next generation firewalls, are only as effective as the policies and rules that regulate them. We’re no longer able to just “set and forget” the security parameters, since now many different applications share data, users and networks. Malicious attacks are focused, frequent, and constantly evolving in order to target and appropriate your data.

Our Approach.

We approach Networking Security in a flexible, consultative manner. Whether you want to leverage your current investments, or design a unified system for the future, we can advise you on the most effective approach.

Your network is at the very heart of your IT strategy – it’s the communication platform that your business is based on, and it’s essential to your success. At Sequential Networks, we’re committed to your success, and we provide the most effective network solutions for each individual business, with services that include:

Network deployments and migrations,Wireless design and deployment,Enterprise design network,VoIP,Mobile integration,Email and messaging,Unity integration of email and voice mail.

Networking Software and Services.

Businesses today are so dependent on computer network systems that when those systems fail, so does everything else. So, how can new challenges be met and new opportunities for collaboration be leveraged by Networking Security? These are some of the key questions:

How can you improve data backup and scale data silos without killing user productivity and bandwidth?

How can you deliver more services and better content over your network without adversely affecting performance?

How can you manage better access to both wired and wireless networks?

How can you optimise connections across LAN and WAN systems?

How can you ensure maximum uptime for your network systems?

We react to these challenges of Networking Security by offering new technologies from some of the world’s top vendors. This includes state of the art network monitoring, management, security and backup software that’s designed to help you improve the capability and efficiency of your network systems.

You can rely on Sequential Networks to ensure that your Networking Security system is compatible with the vision that you have for your business. Our Networking Security specialists will be happy to work with you in order to understand your networking requirements, both present and future, and then they’ll plan your project meticulously, in such a way as to minimise disruption. Then, if needed, our networking specialists can deploy and support the network solution, as well as providing training.

We even offer 24/7 monitoring of your Networking Security, so that issues can be identified and corrected before they adversely affect your business.


IT Procurement – Software

Software licensing Solutions is a field of some complexity. However, Sequential Networks has achieved success in the field because we fully understand global market differences and vendor policies, and we are focused on helping our customers to find the most effective licensing solutions.

Sequential Networks have strong relationships with all the major software and we’re able to effectively represent our customers Licensing Solutions in any negotiations and discussions with software vendors. Whether your business is large or small, we can help you to lower your costs and improve performance by identifying the most flexible, cost-effective ways of licensing your software. We are completely impartial – our only goal is to help you find the best software for your business objectives.

Our Team can help you to develop a managed software estate that’s fully dynamic and highly efficient. You’ll no longer be buying software based on your existing knowledge – we’ll create systems and processes that will ensure that you have total clarity, continuous compliance, and cost-effective procurement.

Your IT Department

Software is the lifeblood of any IT infrastructure, and yet not many IT professionals feel confident when it comes to the licensing models and the management of their company’s software. At Sequential Networks, we will help you find the software solutions you need, identify the best licensing platform, and help you manage your software. We do more than just sell you a licence – we actually help you configure and deploy the software.

Making Sense of Licensing

Modern software licensing can sometimes be so confusing, you feel as though you’re wandering in the wilderness without a map and compass. At Sequential Networks, we help you make sense of licensing. We ensure that you get the best solutions, and we keep you current.

The more you diversify your software portfolio, the more management challenges you encounter. Renewals management can become a highly complex issue, particularly when renewals occur at varying intervals, and it’s why so many companies fail when it comes to software compliance.

You buy software to make your business run more smoothly, so you don’t want to do anything to hinder your workers. At Sequential Networks, we can provide you with a renewals management service that keeps things simple.

We’ll track all your renewals, over any timeframe, and ensure that you’re always compliant.

Our approach is flexible and can be customised to suit your individual business requirements. Licensing renewals, particularly with a large and diverse software portfolio, can be challenging, but we can help you overcome those challenges and make sure that your workforce continues to operate productively.

Sequential Networks can help you manage your software assets. Whether you require a software review, or a comprehensive SAM solution, we can help you get control over your software estate, and then help you maintain it.

We work closely with major software vendors to provide service that is specific to your needs and your budget. Although we have very satisfactory relationships with large software customers, we have no bias – our duty is invariably to our customers.

We are an accredited, multi-vendor audit partner with a wide range of services that are designed to help businesses make the most of their software assets (and hardware).

SAM is an ongoing process by which you pay only for what you use. It is deployed effectively and legally, with the goal of delivering the most cost-effective licensing agreements possible to your business software assets.

We offer a wide range of service options and features that will help you to manage all of your IT assets, software procurement, IT contracts and software compliance.

We can review and plan your IT asset investments with a view to delivering the following:

Efficient control management.


Transparency of ROI.

Optimum cost savings.

Adoption of policies and processes.

Bespoke data management and audit services.

Multi-vendor license management.

Unbiased advice.