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How UK Dedicated Servers Can Improve Your Business

UK businesses are losing out on high server performance. Too many companies turn to shared services for affordability. A managed uk server can help your business excel.

Managed UK server is the latest trend in business. They offer affordable, scalable solutions that attract growing companies.

As your business grows, you need more server support. You need a dedicated environment that supports unique business needs. Your own infrastructure gives you greater control over the direction of your business.

Companies’ data needs are becoming more complex. This is especially true of video and interactive marketing expectations among customers. managed uk server provide the performance they demand.

The opportunities provided by shared servers are not enough. Get better control and superior customer experiences with UK dedicated servers.

Understanding a Managed UK server

You must understand dedicated servers within the context of other hosting options. Each balances responsibility and performance. There are advantages in each, but dedicated hosting provides the greatest long-term value. We take care of the server and we can install any scripts you may have as part of the service

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a growing trend for small businesses. In this model, you share server resources with other companies. This dramatically reduces costs and allows for easy scalability.

You will share CPU time, disk space, and memory with other companies. This gives you less control over optimizing your expanding resources. Shared hosting can scale only existing resources for your business.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting gives you more ownership over your server. However, many of your resources are still shared with other businesses. Imagine if this included one of your competitors.

Some of the world’s largest companies now offer VPS hosting solutions. Amazon touts its VPS solution for its simplicity over customisation. They openly highlight the advantages of UK dedicated servers as well.

A VPS can be accessed remotely, reducing the cost of upkeep.  As your needs expand, you may find yourself stuck with an inadequate solution.

Cloud-Based Hosting

Cloud-based hosting comes in a variety of flavors. You can leverage a 100% public cloud hosting solution. This will come in the same format as shared servers.

Many companies leverage hybrid cloud environments. In this case, you manage both dedicated and cloud servers. You run select processes through the cloud when it supports business value.

For example, it may be more efficient to use cloud storage solutions. This frees up dedicated CPU for more important processes. Many cloud solutions provide structured storage models for this purpose.

Some companies adopt private cloud solutions as well. This gives companies greater control over their server environment. But its infrastructure is typically managed by a third party.

Your core computing power should come from your managed uk server. This gives you complete control over updates, scaling, and launching new capabilities.

Think about where your business is headed. A managed uk server may support the customisation you need. It will support future projects you haven’t even imagined.

5 Ways A Managed UK Server Supports Long-Term Business Success

Cloud and other models may provide immediate value. The expectations of your customers will grow along with it.

A dedicated server will support your long-term success, the technology decisions you make now will influence your business success. Ensure you have the support you need for the technologies of the next decade.

1. Greater Scalability and Control

Cloud and VPS server models create packages for scaling out services,  cost-effective, however limited in scope, they may not have the customisation options you need either.

A Managed uk server gives you complete control of scalability. Scale only the features and capacities you need. Eliminate the cost of expanding resources you don’t want.

Scaling solutions should reflect the ebb and flow of business needs. Only you and your team can appreciate the long-term value of your new solutions.

2. Reliable Security.

A managed UK server allows you to track and administer the latest security updates. There’s no need for recourse with third-party providers. And you can develop your own systems for streamlining security updates as well.

3. Hands-On IT Experience

Having a trained and informed IT team is essential to your business. A Managed UK server gives your local teams access to the extent of your server solutions.

4. Unlimited Customisation

As you grow, your business needs adapt quickly. You’ll find yourself hosting sophisticated technology for customer engagement. You’ll scale online service and web portal features as well.

You can leverage your managed UK server to launch any new technology you want. Your IT team will know what solutions will integrate. You have access to all features your business may need.

5. Less Downtime

Downtime is the ultimate nosedive for digital businesses. You could lose thousands if your site is down for too long. This can be prevented tfrom happening with a dedicated server.

Seamlessly track server performance with monitoring tools. Ensure consistent uptime and prevent potential problems. And your IT team has universal visibility in the performance of your infrastructure as well.

Companies will never run out of solutions to offer businesses. Decide which is the right one for your long-term success.

The Best Server Solutions in the UK

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Let’s start a discussion about your long-term business success. Contact us directly for a free consultation.

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