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Why You Should Get UK Server Hosting

When it comes to UK server hosting, too many businesses make the same mistake. They look at costs and not the overall value.

But today’s businesses rely on their data, networks, and web presence more and more use UK Server Hosting as the foundation platform for their operations. In many cases, their server hosting is more important than the building they house their employees in or the insurance they use to protect their business.

Data, information, and network access aren’t a part of most businesses anymore. They are most people’s business.

You Need The Right Server For Your Business

While there are new solutions and combined offerings entering the market every day, most server solutions fall into a few categories. You can choose between shared, a Virtual Private Server (VPS), cloud-based, or a dedicated server.

But there is no question that most businesses and the marketplace need more complex server support than they currently receive. They are riding in the horse and buggy of shared servers while their competition is whizzing by them on the internet superhighway.

Let’s make sure you know why UK server hosting is so important for UK Buinsess. But first, ask where your business is headed.

Where Are You Headed?

Do you expect to need less storage and speed for your data and networking requirements? How about in 5 years?

There is no question as companies depend on the web more and more to conduct their business that they need more server support. And the trend is clearly moving toward a greater dependence every day.

In terms of marketing, your company is definitely more focused on digital marketing, social media, and internet operations. Businesses have the unique ability to target potential clients without the intermediary of mass media.

And, as Google and Facebook dominate the ad marketplace there is no question you need fast, reliable servers to reach and service clients.

There is a business misconception that dedicated server hosting is only for the mega-companies. But if you are a growing small business, your server solution will need to grow along with you.

Using a dedicated internal infrastructure starting today will help you expand and grow to meet the changing needs of your clients and industry as a whole.

Where Is The Market Headed?

A few things about market direction and server technology are important to consider your hosting solutions.

Data Is Changing

Did you know that Video To Make Up 82% Of IP Traffic By 2022?  Even if you think your business doesn’t need or utilise video content, this could be a mistake.

As new generations of users enter the market they have different demands. As the web migrates to a video platform your web access and data support need to adapt as well.

Video is today’s Facebook and Instagram. Watch the trends for data and networking or your business will fall behind.

Analytics Run Business

Too many companies think that digital marketing is a revolution. Using social media and websites can allow their businesses to hit a wide consumer base and increase revenues.

But the true revolution is analytics. If you can see your return on investment for every aspect of your business you can get more efficient in real time.

Your business can tell in one click if a marketing campaign is paying off. You can track any aspect of operations through clear data and analytics.

There is no way to keep and protect this data securely without server hosting that is right for you. Risk this data analysis and you risk your competitive advantage.

Support Your Operations

One of the biggest trends in worldwide business is employees working remotely. Many organizations are using a freelance workforce to cut costs and augment internal operations.

Your networking and data solution needs to support these operations securely and effectively. If your employees can’t access the information they need and connect to one another your business will grind to a halt.

It’s estimated that more than 70 percent of the UK workforce will work remotely in some capacity by 2020. You need to have server hosting that supports your operations.

Keep It Safe

A dedicated server doesn’t just provide you with exactly the amount of space and support you need to support operations and get new clients. A dedicated server is a wall around your data.

You and you alone can have access. You can keep it safe.

Cyberattacks are on the rise. Experts estimate that the UK alone is targeted by dozens of cyberattacks each month.

Can you afford not to work to protect your data, your network, and the security of your customers and employees?

Of course, you will still need to protect your data and access to a dedicated server. But you can have peace of mind with the knowledge that your company’s data and information won’t be at risk in an attack on someone else’s data or server.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Use UK Server Hosting?

Once IT professionals and business owners understand the many benefits of dedicated hosting over shared and cloud-based they have one question:

Why doesn’t everyone use dedicated hosting? From customization to security, dedicated servers are simply the best overall value for many businesses.

Unfortunately, many organizations mistake low cost for high value. There is no question that shared hosting or a VPS has lower monthly costs.

But dedicated server hosting has the most benefits for many businesses. Your internal data, company network, and web presence are too valuable to use any other server type.

Doing a Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) of server types and the value of your data will show you can’t afford not to have UK server hosting in many instances.

Get The Best

Once you know how important it is for your business to have dedicated server hosting in the UK the only question is who to use. You need the best overall value.

Sequential Networks can help.

Our Dedicated Servers are all owned and maintained by us. We build and rack servers to order, ensuring you a rock-solid server for whatever your requirement.

Sequential Networks offers:

  • Free setup on all our UK Server hosting
  • Great service: 99.99% service level agreement.
  • Offsite backup accounts for your server giving you total peace of mind.

Our services can be fully customized to suit your needs. We range from providing additional IP addresses to reboot ports to dedicated firewalls.

Don’t wait to host your valuable data on a Dedicated Server with Sequential Networks.

Contact us now and discover how easy it is to get a Dedicated Server for your business.

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